geek, punk, pussy …

Who Am I

I am a mix of geek, punk, web developer, extrovert and a dogone happy dad … And some more ;)

Sometimes I am shy, but that’s quite rare.

I like people. The stranger, the better. The smarter, the better. Interesting people. I love a good conversation.

I love to provoke. I like peoples reactions. I like people. But I already said that …

I have too many ideas and plans. And too little time.

I live in Fribourg, Switzerland where I work as a Software Developer for liip.ch. With my team we develop what we believe to be solid web applications using the agile software development methodology called Scrum.

I believe that Scrum gives you the best tool set in order to succeed in software development. I believe in Open Source Software. But I use a Mac.

I am one of the initiators of the Webmardi, a monthly meeting in Fribourg which gather most of the internet professionals and/or geeks you find in our little town. Usually someone makes a presentation about anything related to the cloud and then we have all have a drink and socialize …

Other than that, you can hear my voice on both these french speaking podcasts:

entrefaces: this a podcast I produce together with Simon Farine. We try to talk about all things related to the Internet, mostly in an interview style with guests. You can visit the homepage or get it via iTunes.

macvox: in this podcast we talk about all things Apple. Visit the homepage or get it via iTunes.