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Two Talks at Symfony Live 2011

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be talking at the Paris edition of the Symfony Live Conference in a couple of weeks!

I have been introduced to symfony 1.4 a bit over a year ago and it was a revelation. I was about to jump over to Python in order to be able to use Django for my private projects when Jordi and Lukas basically force fed me symfony. It’s ease of use and the amazing documentation that came along made me forget all about Django. I spent several evenings going through the Jobeet tutorial and I was ready to bootstrap my first webapp in just a few hours.

Due to its amazing documentation, we got an entire team ready for productive work in under 2 days at Liip.


The next big thing will be Symfony2. Symfony2 is a complete rewrite of the framework that will give your next project a strong foundation. Dependency injection makes it completely testable and modular, it makes use of namespaces and supports http-cache and ESI. And there is much more!

Symfony2 is probably the one and only state of the art PHP framework you should consider these days. And if you want to learn more about it, join us at the Symfony Live 2011 in Paris.

I will be talking about frontend optimization and PHP security in Paris along with 29 of the most interesting people in the PHP world.

Don’t you think you should join us?

One Response to “Two Talks at Symfony Live 2011”

  1. cirpo says:

    Congrats, you’re talk was interesting and I think you’re a great speaker.