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Hello world!

Here we go. After quite some time, I finally managed to go online with this blog. My plan is to write about the things I learn or discuss with my workmates, so it will most likely be about PHP, Javascript, HTML5, DBs and Servers. Anything we web app developers encounter daily.

I will try to write at least once a week. This should be more than enough, taken that I have a 100% job at Liip, that I record at least one podcast a week (either for entrefaces.ch or macvox.ch), that I organize the webmardi sessions once a month and that I try to be a somewhat present father of two and husband.

It seems a wee bit too much.

Anyway: Big thanks to Stefan Sicher for the design and David Aerne for helping me with CSS.

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. thierry says:


    man how are you? where are you? internet’s not working? I sent you some emails? you have got them. STOP.

    What are you doing. STOP. BYE STOP

  2. Pierre Spring says:

    @thierry: answering your numerous messages is on my todo list! one day, your patience will be rewarded.